Tokyo Station.
Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station becomes iconic spot for tourists

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2021 12:51 IST

Tokyo [Japan], October 1 (ANI): Tokyo Station is the entry point for visitors and its long history witnessed many historical events.
The Marunouchi Station Building was constructed in Tokyo as a symbol of Japan's modernisation and developed along with Japan's representative business district.
In 2012, Tokyo Station, an important national cultural property, was rebuilt to its original appearance.
"To welcome people from various countries, I think foreigners would be happy to have a spacious site like this and a location with the Imperial Palace in front of it. It's one of the leading office districts in Japan, it's not the origin of Japan, but it's mixed with modern style, so I think it's a great place," said a visitor.
"I think this combination shows the atmosphere in Japan is very nice surrounded by modern buildings," added the visitor.

"There are many Meiji-era buildings left in the countryside, but I think this building should remain as it is because it's so beautiful. The interior of the dome has been rebuilt with gypsum with the latest architectural technology," said another visitor.
Many tourists visit the square to take pictures with the backdrop of Tokyo Station.
"My birthday was one week ago, but we have been celebrating since yesterday. We wanted to take pictures in a good place, so we were excited to take pictures. We came here because the building is so cute and often appears in wedding photos," said a tourist.
Recently, wedding photos have been increasing as visitors are spellbound with the beauty of the Tokyo Station.
"It has an open atmosphere. It's interesting because it feels extraordinary. That's a good memory," added the tourist.
Tokyo Station has been loved by all generations and is attracting attention as a tourist destination around the world. (ANI)