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Taliban seize Pakistan border crossing town of Spin Boldak

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2021 22:52 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], July 17 (ANI): Amid the turmoil in Afghanistan after foreign forces withdrawal, the Taliban seized a Pakistan border crossing of Spin Boldak on Wednesday and rampaged through the town.
In video footage by France 24 scores of Taliban members were seen rampaging through the town, looting homes and seizing vehicles of government officials who had fled the area.
They were seen roaming on motorbikes and cars through the bazaar and looting the area.
They also raised the flags of the Taliban in one of the houses. The terrorist group control the town that provides direct access to Pakistan's Balochistan province.
Meanwhile, one of the members of the group said, "My message to traders is that their security is guaranteed and they can continue their activities. We have appointed people to ensure their safety. We ask businessmen to continue their work and to continue their activities on a regular basis.

"We want to have good relations with neighbouring countries, and work with trust," said another Taliban member.
A spokesman for Pakistan's Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Taliban has seized the Afghan side of the border.
Officials swiftly closed the Chaman crossing on the Pakistan side, leaving scores of lorries and hundreds of Afghan traders stranded on the Pakistani side of the border, reported France 24.
Meanwhile, Ajmal Omar Shinwari, spokesman of the Afghan Army reiterated that the Afghan security forces will soon reclaim the lost territories from the Taliban.
"We have come up with a plan to retake territories which were lost. Soon you will be a witness to our major achievements," said Shinwari.
Further, in other seized towns, residents have reported that the Taliban swiftly returned to their harsh interpretation of Islamic rule putting restrictions on girls' education and stopping women from leaving their homes. (ANI)