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Taliban force shopkeepers to install white flag in shop

ANI | Updated: Jun 15, 2022 19:29 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], June 15 (ANI): Taliban forces in Afghanistan's Kandahar city have compelled the shopkeepers to instal their group's white flag in their shops and buildings. Health clinics and public baths have too been asked to follow the suit.
Taking to Twitter, Reporterly, a local media outlet in Afghanistan, said, "#Taliban in #Kandahar forced the installation of the group's white flag on shops and public places, local sources reported."
The order has been issued by the Taliban officials in PD9 of Kandahar Municipality in a letter to shopkeepers and businessmen, according to Reporterly.
Meanwhile, the Taliban forces in Herat province warned the shopkeepers not to allow women in their shops without a male guardian.
Taking to Twitter, local media said, " The #Taliban in #Herat province have warned shopkeepers not to allow women into their shops without Muharram (male guardian), and the group has expelled women who were shopping alone, sources said. The Taliban have called for this action to prevent "sin and immoral cases."

This is not the first time when Taliban forces tried to attack women's rights. Taliban imposed a number of restrictions on women and girls after taking power last year in Afghanistan. Earlier, in May, the Taliban-led government issued a decree making the hijab compulsory for women when being in public.
Women working in government agencies who break this rule will be dismissed, and the same measure will be applied to men if their wives or daughters do not follow the dress code.
In another clampdown on Afghan women, the Taliban have ordered girl students at the Herat University not to wear make-up and short clothes.
The group has also restricted the women from recording the voices of male professors who are "non-mahrams", that is, the person who is not in your relationship, reported Afghanistan-based media outlet, Payk Media.
The Taliban didn't stop there. In the month of March, the Taliban issued a decree banning female students above grade six from participating in their classes.
The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated drastically since the Taliban took control of Kabul. (ANI)