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Taliban establishes military tribunal to enforce Sharia law in Afghanistan

ANI | Updated: Nov 13, 2021 16:22 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], November 13 (ANI): The Taliban has announced to establish a military tribunal on the commands of its supreme leader Hebatullah Akhundzada to enforce Islamic law in Afghanistan, reported The Express Tribune.
The formation of the tribunal has been done for the enforcement of "sharia system, divine decrees, and social reform,", the newspaper reported citing the Taliban's deputy spokesperson, Enamullah Samangani's statement.
The statement further said that Obaidullah Nezami has been appointed as the tribunal's chairman along with Seyed Aghaz and Zahed Akhundzadeh as the deputies.
The military tribunal is authorised to interpret the Sharia rulings, issue decrees that are relevant to the Islamic civil laws and register complaints, lawsuits and petitions against the Taliban officials and personnel of the police, army and intelligence units, reported The Tribune citing Samangani.

Meanwhile, amid the rise in terror attacks in Afghanistan, questions are been raised over the Taliban's ability and willingness to protect the civilians especially the minorities of the country, said a media report.
Di Valerio Fabbri, writing in Geopolitica.info, said the Taliban is now facing its biggest test of managing the country's governance as it struggles with the tag of being a 'rogue state', outcast by the international community.
"Moreover, the mounting terrorist attacks by the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) have raised questions over the Taliban's ability and willingness to protect religious minorities and Afghan civilians. Unless the Taliban steps up to tackle these challenges, Afghanistan is undoubtedly destined to descend into civil war," Fabbri said.
According to Fabbri, the Taliban's governance tests are too many. But it looks like the regime doesn't realise the enormity of the challenges as it pursues the single-line agenda of international recognition.
"Taliban has pressed the Western financial institutions to release Afghan Central Bank's money. Probably by now, the group would have realised that capturing a country through force and violence is easier than governing it, Fabbri added. (ANI)