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People exchange money at a currency exchange market in Kabul. (Photo Credit - Reuters)
People exchange money at a currency exchange market in Kabul. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Taliban closes key money-exchange market in Kabul, vendors pulled out

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2022 02:44 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], January 19 (ANI): The Taliban on Monday shut down a key money-exchange market in Kabul, Boli market in Sarai Shahzada and have also pulled out the vendors.
Boli is a market inside Sarai Shahzada where large amounts of money are exchanged and the afghani's value against foreign currencies is determined.
A number of vendors said the closure of Boli has led to dozens of vendors losing their jobs and will lead to problems determining the real value of the Afghani against foreign currencies, reported Tolo News.

"Now we cannot change our money into dollars or Pakistani rupees. To whom we should sell? Boli is no longer active," said Farid Ahmad, a vendor.
"The Islamic Emirate has closed Boli market, while people are trying to make a living," said Sayed Hashim, another vendor.
In the past months, especially in December when the afghani plunged in value against the dollar, Boli was also closed. However, the vendors were allowed to do business inside the Sarai Shahzada market. Now, it is not clear when the vendors will be allowed back to the market, reported Tolo News.
The Money Exchangers Union in Sarai Shahzada, the biggest money exchanging market in the country, said that based on a decision by the Islamic Emirate, the Boli market has been closed in Sarai Shahzada.
According to the union, a few days ago the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers of the Islamic Emirate made a decision to close the Boli market, reported Tolo News. (ANI)