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Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban's interim government's Acting First Deputy Prime Minister (File Image)
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban's interim government's Acting First Deputy Prime Minister (File Image)

Taliban calls on steps to move away from Int'l aid

ANI | Updated: Apr 29, 2022 18:51 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], April 29 (ANI): Afghanistan's acting Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, on Friday said that international donors who are helping the country have a political purpose and do not come without an agenda adding that the country needs to be self-sufficient.
While speaking at a ceremony in Pirozi, a planned township located 35 km from Kabul, Baradar said that the aid provided by foreigners does not come without an agenda and called for Afghanistan to be self-sufficient, reported Tolo News.
This comes as Afghanistan continues to face a severe humanitarian crisis and food shortages after the Taliban took over the country in August last year. During the ceremony, he also said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan plans to launch economic projects in various sectors to provide jobs for the people.

The Deputy Prime Minister said, "Today, engagement with the international community is not (possible) without politics. If they want to engage with us, they will ask for mething in return. But this is common in the whole world that you should give something in return. It is not possible that they would be giving us something and we will not give in return."
Moreover, Hamdullah Nomani, acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing alleged that the the work on the Pirozi town project that began 14 years ago was not completed because of corruption.
"There are 131 towns in planning and this year we have 15 that we are working on," he said.
While reiterating Deputy PM's statement on job creation, Obaid Rahman, an official of the Pirozi project, the construction of Pirozi will provide more than 13,000 job opportunities. "In this project, almost 13,600 people will be provided with jobs directly," he said, reported the media outlet.
Head of the Chinese company funding the project said, "We assure you that we will obey all rules and regulations of the Islamic Emirate and will remain committed to the interests of Afghanistan. We will seriously consider the quality of our products with a fair price." (ANI)