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South Korea reports 2,111 COVID-19 infections in fully vaccinated people

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2021 12:30 IST

Seoul [South Korea], August 17 (ANI/Xinhua): South Korea confirmed a total of 2,111 "breakthrough" COVID-19 infections, which refer to people who tested positive after a full vaccination, the health authorities said Tuesday.
The number of fully vaccinated people who were infected with the COVID-19 was 2,111 as of August 12, up from 1,540 a week earlier, according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).
It equals to 29.8 in every 100,000 people who got fully vaccinated. As of August 12, the number of the fully inoculated people was 7,080,356.

It is known that people can be protected from the virus two weeks after the full vaccination. The breakthrough case refers to people infected with the virus two weeks after the full inoculation.
Among the total, 363 were infected with the Delta variant, 25 with Alpha, one with Beta and one with Gamma.
Nineteen were serious cases, and two deaths were found from the breakthrough infections.
The KDCA said the breakthrough infections can be found amid the rising number of vaccinations, noting that benefit from the inoculation remains large as it lowers the serious cases and death.
In the latest tally, South Korea reported 1,373 more cases of COVID-19 for the past 24 hours, lifting the total number of infections to 226,854. The daily caseload hovered above 1,000 for 42 straight days. (ANI/Xinhua)