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Smart Cautioning Light.
Smart Cautioning Light.

Smart cautioning light helps in tackling traffic problem

ANI | Updated: Mar 18, 2023 19:05 IST

Susono [Japan], March 18 (ANI): NTT Communications is a representative ICT company of Japan. Utilizing its ICT technology, Japan is now trying to solve the traffic problem. Smart Cautioning Light for car drivers is set up in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Susono city has developed a promotional experiment to prevent traffic accidents on frozen roads during the winter season.
"A smart cautioning light project is being developed to create a safe and secure town. Smart lighting displays a warning sign on the road surface. For example, it is a function to display 'warning frozen road' or 'never cross the road suddenly.' There's one more thing. It has a sensor that collects various information, such as temperature, acceleration of speed, and location information. We are now gathering those data in the cloud and researching its use to realize safe towns," said Shunsuke Sakakura, Official, NTT Communications.

NTT and four companies are working together to carry out this demonstration experiment. In the smart city field, NTT Com is borrowing an experiment in cooperation with Susono City.
"For example, we are planning to set up smart cautioning lights near the elementary school and display a warning rush-out sign. The sensor reports information to parents about whether elementary school students passed the school route and what time they passed. We are seeking the model of a safe and relieved town that adds such values," added Shunsuke.
"As an example of the city's revitalization, we have a plan to display the navigation for the people to the park. Aiming to stir up the event, we navigate people by providing profitable coupons to them. It guarantees the passenger's merit. Not only would we like to provide lighting functions, but also communication cloud services," said an NTT Communications official.
This facility is the first of its kind. NTT Com is planning to promote its ventures in different countries. has the plan to promote it to emerging countries. (ANI)