Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Sindh CM refuses to repatriate senior officials against Imran Khan govt's wish

ANI | Updated: Nov 25, 2021 04:59 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], November 25 (ANI): The Chief Minister of Pakistan's Sindh province Syed Murad Ali Shah has written to the country's Prime Minister Imran Khan, stating that he disagrees with the plan to recall seven senior police officials and four bureaucrats from the province.
This move is set to deepen the row between the federal and Sindh governments over the transfer of officials from the province, The News International reported.
Shah said that these senior officials belong to the All-Pakistan Service and underlined the relevant rules that necessitate "meaningful consultation" before placement or withdrawal of the officers from the province.

The chief minister also complained that the federal government had not posted even 50 per cent of the share of Sindh in All-Pakistan Service officers in the last several years.
"As we are discussing, out of 67 seats of BS-20, services of only 20 All-Pakistan service officers are available to Sindh. Thus, there is a massive shortfall of 47 PAS officers in the province. In case of PSP officers (BS-20), only 22 are posted against a total strength of 26 i.e., a shortfall of 04 PSP officers (BS-20)," the Sindh CM said.
He said the Sindh government had approached the federal government several times to post the required number of officers.
"It may also be mentioned here that recently five PSP officers of BPS-20 were withdrawn from Sindh. Thus, the proposal of withdrawing more PSP officers would mean that half of the BPS-20 officers will be new to the province and would know nothing about the administrative challenges (in the province)," said the CM.
"Dear Prime Minister, kindly consider the above as the response of the Government of Sindh to the proposal of the Federal Government (to transfer the officials) and direct the Establishment Division to issue necessary notifications The Establishment Division may also please be directed to fill the shortage in BS-1 7 to BS-21 by deputing the requisite number of officers to the Province of Sindh," the Shah concluded. (ANI)