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Sexual violence against women remains rampant in Pakistan

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2022 21:45 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 4 (ANI): Sexual violence against women is rampant in Pakistan, with a large number of cases going unreported while others are being mishandled by the police.
The Pakistan Human Rights Ministry report stated that over 14,456 Pakistani women were assaulted in the country in the last four years, as reported by Pakistan Today. In 2018, 4,326 rape cases were recorded, followed by 4,377 cases in the following year and 1,866 cases in the previous year.
However, the report mentioned that only a mere 4 per cent of the rape cases resulted in a conviction. Reportedly, when such cases are presented before the court, pressure tactics accompanied by other manners all result in an abysmally low conviction rate.

Earlier, assailant Usman Mirza and his 4 accomplices were held for harassing and thrashing a couple in a room in Islamabad, reported Pakistan Today. The video was widely circulated on social media. The female victim even stated that she was "threatened with gang rape if she didn't have sex with her friend while they filmed it".
The case reached the ears of ousted Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as well while the police arrested Mirza and the 4 assaulters. However, in a sudden turn of events, the female victim refused to proceed with the case anymore by submitting an affidavit in court.
Further, she stated that "police itself created this case, neither I have recognised any accused nor have I signed any papers."
The sudden stop in the case caused an uproar on social media, reported Pakistan Today. Journalist Salman Masood expressed his disapproval of the justice system, calling it "rotten" where it is "easy to manipulate, and where the powerful always escape accountability."
Meanwhile, rights activists are of the opinion that female victims must be provided robust security while there ought to be good policing as well. They further insisted that society must be taught that reporting cases of violence are not shameful. It is in fact, the only way to get justice. (ANI)