Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the CoWIN Global Conclave on Monday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the CoWIN Global Conclave on Monday.

Several countries laud CoWIN platform, India's support during COVID-19 pandemic

By Sahil Pandey | Updated: Jul 05, 2021 19:01 IST

New Delhi [India], July 5 (ANI): Several representatives from countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, and Guyana participated in CoWIN Global Conclave on Monday and lauded India's role in providing COVID-19 vaccines globally. They also showed an inclination towards adopting the tech platform.
Bhutan Health Minister Dechen Wangmo thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for helping the country in rolling out the first dose of the COVID vaccine.
"The success we've had with our first dose rollout, wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our very special friend, India. We thank you and we would like to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for his exceptional and compassionate leadership and expression of global solidarity in addressing the vaccine equity issue," she said at CoWIN global conclave.
Guyana Health Minister Frank C Anthony commented that to inoculate the remaining of the population in his country, CoWIN is the solution that can help.
"In our response to the pandemic, one of our major setbacks has been collecting data in a timely manner and making real-time decisions. We've been grappling with this challenge and searching for the right software and hardware that can work robustly. As we roll out this program, it becomes more difficult to reach the remaining portion of our population without the use of proper technology. From what I've heard this morning, I think that we have found a solution in Co-WIN," Anthony said at the conclave.
Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Bangladesh's State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) proposed the introduction of a digital COVID vaccine passport.
"Bangladesh has learned from the current pandemic that we've to move altogether to survive, to prosper and to protect this world. This isn't time to compete, but rather to cooperate. I'd like to propose the introduction of a digital COVID vaccine passport to the representatives from the health and technology domains from various countries present here today. This will ensure security and facilitate trade and tourism within our region," he said.
Apart from the above-mentioned countries, sources said that several other countries showed interest in the adoption of the Co-WIN platform. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) will work with the National Health Authority for enabling adaptation and adoption of the platform by these interested countries. According to the sources, other countries which showed interest include Vietnam, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Malawi.
The platform is also being offered to WHO's COVID Technology Access Pool (C-TAP).
Speaking at the global conclave, India's Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said," We are excited to offer the Co-WIN platform as a technology tool that can be used for the greater public good globally. I hope all the countries are able to gain value and benefit from our offering."
Prime Minister Modi also addressed CoWin Global Conclave as India offers CoWIN platform as a digital public good to the world to combat COVID19. "CoWin platform is being made open source, available to any and all countries," he said. (ANI)