Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.
Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.

Question of peace or hostility in Afghanistan in Pakistani hands, says President Ghani

ANI | Updated: May 16, 2021 09:01 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 16 (ANI): Amid the final drawdown of US troops from Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani has emphasised the need for a decision on peace by the regional players, and for Europe's much-needed role to "get Pakistan on board" on the ongoing peace talks with Taliban.
"Peace will primarily be decided upon regionally, and I believe we are at a crucial moment of rethinking. It is first and foremost a matter of getting Pakistan on board. The US now plays only a minor role. The question of peace or hostility is now in Pakistani hands," Ghani told the German news website, Der Spiegel, in an interview.
Over Pakistan's influence on the Taliban, Ghani said, "Pakistan operates an organized system of support. The Taliban receive logistics there, their finances are there and recruitment is there."
"The names of the various decision-making bodies of the Taliban are Quetta Shura, Miramshah Shura, and Peshawar Shura - named after the Pakistani cities where they are located. There is a deep relationship with the state," he added.

These remarks come as Ghani met Pakistan army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa earlier this week and discussed Pakistan's role in the peace process and the escalation of violence in Afghanistan.
"President Ashraf Ghani attached great importance to the role of the regional countries particularly Pakistan in establishing peace in Afghanistan and the country's influence on the Taliban," the Afghan Presidential Palace said in a statement on Monday.
Afghanistan and Pakistan have no choice but to opt for mutual respect, good neighbourliness, and economic cooperation, Ghani had said.
Ghani further said that there is no military solution for the ongoing war in Afghanistan and that the Taliban's insistence to stick to a military solution is unacceptable for the people of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has seen a spike in the incidents of violence in recent weeks, leading to casualties of Afghan security forces and civilians. US withdrawal from Afghanistan is underway and set to complete by September 11. (ANI)