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Imran Khan (Photo Credit: PTI)
Imran Khan (Photo Credit: PTI)

Police refused to file FIR against top ISI general: Imran Khan on assassination bid

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2022 17:14 IST

Lahore [Pakistan], November 6 (ANI): Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday accused the Punjab Police of refusing to register an FIR against DG(C) ISI Major General Faisal Naseer to probe the officer's alleged involvement in the assassination attempt on Khan.
In a press conference in Lahore, Imran Khan said, "Punjab Police said they are ready to register FIR against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah but not against DG (C) ISI Faisal Naseer."
Imran Khan held the three men accountable for the attack during his long march. "I fully believe these three have done this (attack) through a conspiracy. It's my right [to register case]. I'm the leader of the biggest political party and ex-PM and if I can't get his name in the FIR then I ask what [rights can be expected] for the nation and for the common man?" Imran Khan said as per Dawn's transcript of his conference.
The PTI chairman said the Punjab Police has declined to file the FIR despite his party's coalition government in the province, which he formed after his landslide victory in the bypolls.
"It's been three days and Punjab government...which is a coalition government...but despite this we have not been able to register an FIR because they say 'its okay we are ready [to file] against PM and Interior Minister but you can't do it for that army general Major Faisal," Imran Khan said.
Imran Khan welcomed PM Shehbaz Sharif's decision of judicial inquiry into the assassination attempt, however, said, "when all the agencies come under the three people I've named, who will investigate?"
"How can we have an impartial and fair investigation? It can't happen. That's why I asked them to resign so the investigation can be fair."

PTI chief Imran Khan also made an announcement that the Haqeeqi march towards Islamabad will resume from Tuesday from the same point in Wazirabad where his container came under attack last Thursday.
"We have decided that our march will resume on Tuesday from the same [point] in Wazirabad where 1 was killed and 11 others were injured," Imran said. "I will address the march from here (in Lahore), and our march, within the next 10 to 14 days, depending on the speed, will reach Rawalpindi," Dawn quoting Imran Khan.
Imran said that once the march reaches Rawalpindi, he would then join it and lead it himself.
Moreover, in connection with the assassination attempt on Imran Khan, the Wazirabad police and other law enforcement agencies arrested four persons of a family, ARY News reported on Sunday.
Imran Khan was attacked near his container in Punjab province during his long march in Wazirabad on Thursday. He sustained injuries on his leg and was shifted to a hospital for treatment.
Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders said that Imran Khan believes that the attack on him in which bullets were fired was carried out at the behest of three people including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the country's Interior Minister and a top ISI General and his remarks were based on information he had received.
Seven people were injured and a person was killed during the firing incident during the Haqeeqi March. The suspected shooter who opened fire during the rally was caught by police where he admitted that he wanted to kill Imran Khan because "he was misleading the public."
Last week, Imran Khan had started the long march towards Islamabad and targeted the country's spy chief, accusing him of holding a "political presser".
After Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory and Authority (PEMRA) announced a ban on TV broadcasts of Imran Khan's speeches and conferences, the Pakistan government citing the upholding of democratic principles instructed the media body to lift the ban. (ANI)