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PoK activists hold anti-Pak protests in front of UN in Geneva

ANI | Updated: Sep 22, 2017 07:50 IST

Geneva [Switzerland] Sept. 22 (ANI): Activists of various political organisations from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) held protest against the atrocities carried out by Pakistan in the occupied region here.

The protest was organised by United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) and was supported by other Kashmiri political organisations, Baloch and Sindhi activists.

People, who gathered in Geneva, chanted anti-Pakistan slogans and called on the United Nations (UN) to act against Islamabad for gross human rights violations.

They were even seen holding placards, where anti-Pakistan slogan were written like, "Pakistan agency stop extra judicial killing in J-K", "Stop torture against political activists", "Stop Plundering natural resources".

"They have build concentration camp in the Neelam valley in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and every person crossing those areas has to first have to undergo and identification first and whoever raises objection they are brutally trashed. We often come hear that the Pakistan forces forcefully take away from their houses in the region," said Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, chairman of UKPNP.

He said that the people of the region have no access to media nor they can excise the right to freedom of speech.

"We are raising our voice to highlight that how the Pakistani forces are carrying out atrocities on people. The Pakistani government has forced us to demonstrate this protest in front of the United Nations," he said.

Another activist Sajjad Raja, International coordinator, Dogra Sadar urged that the first and the foremost thing is to scrap the Pakistanis Act 74.

"We are against Act 74 for the so called constitution they have formed. This act makes us slave in our own land," he said. (ANI)