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Activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Shabir Choudhry
Activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Shabir Choudhry

PoK activist slams Imran Khan for labelling voices against atrocities as traitors

ANI | Updated: Apr 18, 2022 10:05 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], April 18 (ANI): Activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Shabir Choudhry, said that former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan labels everyone who raises a voice against atrocities as a traitor.
The PoK activist stressed that the ones who speak up actually change the nation and make it better.
Shabir said that people who raise their voices or express their concerns over the issues that prevail in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) or Gilgit-Baltistan are treated as agents working for someone else. He highlighted that Pakistan is carrying out atrocities against innocent civilians living in the region and suppressing their voices and rights.

Touching upon the current political developments in Pakistan's Punjab Assembly, the activist again stressed that the country is plagued with disputes at the top levels.
Sharing details of his encounter with an Indian Air Force Officer back in 2007, Shabir shared that the officer also felt that the Pakistani people do not deserve the kind of treatment they are been subjected to by the government.
The officer told Shabir, "If anything, I feel sorry for Pakistani Muslims. They don't deserve this."
He also expressed how the Pakistani people praise India. "One man asked me where I am from and I said Kashmir. In reply, he said, Alhamdulillah India. He praised India before I could respond to him, and quickly walked away," he continued.
He also pointed out how the Pakistani media propagated hatred for India on their channels. In his message from Masjid e Nabvi, the activist said that the situation in Pakistan is getting from bad to worse. (ANI)