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Pakistanis in Athens demand legalisation papers, opening of borders

ANI | Updated: Jan 11, 2022 20:36 IST

Athens [Greece], January 11 (ANI): Pakistani community in Athens, mostly illegal immigrants are set to organize a protest to demand the Greek State to provide legalization papers and put an end to deportations, local media has reported.
Greek City Times, citing journallist Andreas Mountzouroulias that Pakistanis demand legalization papers for all illegal immigrants and for Greece's borders to be opened.
The digital poster, written in Urdu, demands that all illegal labourers should be released from detention camps and given legal papers with respect and protection.
They also call for the forced deportation of illegal immigrants to stop, according to Greek City Times.

This comes days after Greeks were outraged as footage emerged of hundreds of Pakistanis, seemingly in an organised manner, converged on Syntagma Square on New Year's Eve when Greeks were forced to limit their Christmas celebrations.
Politicians, celebrities and social media all reacted strongly to the Pakistani "occupation" of Syntagma Square, reported Greek City Times.
Constantinos Bogdanos, the MP who was recently expelled from the ruling New Democracy Party, could be considered as a typical representative of the trend that "Greece is besieged by a herd of foreigners."
He wrote on Twitter on New Year's Day, "Yesterday's picture shows: 1) The size of the invasion 2) That the invaders enjoy more rights than the natives. Whatever is forbidden to you by fine or bat, it is permissible for them without hindrance."
Singer Grigoris Petrakos also made a complaint on social media, demanding, among other things, the resignation of the government, reported Greek City Times. (ANI)