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Pakistan: Women, minors unsafe amid rising abduction cases in Sindh

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2022 23:54 IST

Sindh [Pakistan], November 29 (ANI): Women in Pakistan's Sindh province continue to remain unsafe, with several being abducted. And, in the latest incident, a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped from Allahabad police station area of Larkana city.
According to Pakistan's vernacular media, Jasarat said Saima Makrani Baloch, a 15-year-old young girl, was allegedly abducted from Allahabad police station area in Sindh's Larkana city.
After the kidnapping, the family members protested and demanded that the girl be rescued. Her mother claimed that Sabir Memon, along with his family, abducted her daughter and hid her in a house in Mehar city.

The police are not ready to act even as there was is a threat to her life, according to local media.
Sindh province is especially not safe for Hindu women, it is alleged. Earlier, in October, two cases of kidnappings of Hindu women came to light. One of them was a 10-year-old girl.
As per media reports, one of the incidents took place in the Shaikh Bhirkio area of Sindh where Meena Bajani, the 10-year-old, was kidnapped.
In a separate incident from Sindh, a married Hindu woman name Shanti Meghwar was abducted by four armed men -- Manzoor Sheikh, Sultan Sheikh, Gab Sheikh and Javed -- from her home in Sindh's Tandu Muhamman Khan district on October 24, as per local media reports.
According to reports, the victim was forcibly converted to Islam and married off to Manzoor Sheikh. (ANI)