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Pakistan: Balochistan logs 2,434 malaria cases in last 24 hours

ANI | Updated: Oct 06, 2022 23:29 IST

Balochistan [Pakistan], October 6 (ANI): Following the catastrophic floods across Pakistan, around 2,434 malaria cases have been reported from six districts of Balochistan in the past 24 hours as several provinces of the country witnessed a sudden surge in vector-borne diseases.
Thousands of cases have surfaced in Nasirabad, Jafarabad, Sohbatpur, Jhal Magsi, Sibi, and Kachi, stated Health Department Balochistan's Media Coordinator, Dr Waseem Baig on Wednesday, adding that these flood-hit regions have been prone to several water-borne diseases and destruction, reported The Express Tribune.
According to data shared by the Health Department, 2,434 malaria cases were reported in one day in the Naseerabad Division and 1,621 medical camps have been set up in flood-affected regions.
As Pakistan faces the aftermath of floods, numerous cases of diarrhoea, skin infections, and malaria are reported in the worst-hit province of Balochistan on a daily basis.
Balochistan and Sindh have been attacked by viral diseases after floods caused devastation in the two provinces and triggered health-related problems for people in Pakistan across numerous provinces.

Despite the efforts of the government and local and foreign relief organisations, many people are in urgent need of food and medicine in flood-hit provinces.
A majority of Pakistanis are unhappy with the government's response to the unprecedented natural disaster that has ravaged millions of lives in the cash-strapped country, according to a survey.
This displeasure was evident in the latest Pattan survey published this week. The survey was conducted by community-based activists at 38 disaster-hit localities of 14 districts of three flood-hit provinces, the Dawn newspaper reported.
As per the survey, most localities were unhappy with the performance of state institutions. People in 92 per cent of locations were forced to leave their villages and neighbourhoods due to floods, the survey stated.
After six weeks of flooding, many families from 15 locations were found living under the open sky on roads, and without tents.
Since June this year, Pakistan has endured harsh monsoon weather resulting in a serious humanitarian and development crisis. (ANI)