Lord Nazir Ahmed (file photo)
Lord Nazir Ahmed (file photo)

Pak constitution and laws don't apply in PoK: Lord Nazir Ahmed

ANI | Updated: Jan 02, 2019 19:16 IST

Muzaffarabad [PoK], Jan02 (ANI): Calling out Pakistan's duplicity over Kashmir and its indifferent attitude towards the people of the region, Lord Nazir Ahmed, a Kashmiri by birth and a member of United Kingdom Parliament slammed Islamabad for claiming and treating PoK region as its 'prerogative'.
Nazir asserted that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was a separate state, and Pakistan's constitution and its laws carry no authority or jurisdiction in the region.
"These people sitting in Islamabad [establishment] should think that how can they enforce their constitution and laws on the occupied Kashmir", Nazir said.
He added that in order to raise the issues of Kashmir to the international community, members of parliament were required to be completely aware of the dispute.
"Kashmir dispute was damaged by the appointing Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman as head of the Kashmir Committee for the last 10 years. Kashmir dispute was kept away from the limelight", he said and added that Minister for Human Rights should not talk about Kashmir dispute.
In a major incident of humiliation, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan had made Nazir Ahmed wait at Islamabad airport for hours citing expiration of his overseas card. He said that civil services and the government lacked cooperation and coherence regarding rules and regulations.
He also suggested Prime Minister Imran Khan not to authorise irresponsible people. Terming his stopping at the airport "unjust", Nazir claimed that as per government's notification, entry in Pakistan is permitted on expired overseas card.
"I am in AJK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) as a Class-A citizen and state subject, since Pakistan Constitution and laws are not applicable here, if anyone has the courage and is brave enough, come and take me (by force) from AJK", he challenged the Pakistan Government from Muzaffarabad after being granted a permission for visiting the place for just 72 hours.
The region of PoK has been reeling under Pakistani subjugation for decades.
Islamabad has been misruling the region, subjecting its people to human rights violations.
Reasonable voices that have shown the gumption of resisting the country's tyranny have been subjected to extreme high handedness of the Pakistan Army and other security forces. Activists have been arbitrarily detained, disappeared with force and even killed in some cases. (ANI)