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Our troops capable of fighting Taliban: Afghan NSC spokesperson

ANI | Updated: Apr 24, 2021 21:56 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], April 24 (ANI/Sputnik): Afghanistan's military has the capacity to fight the Taliban unaided after the withdrawal of US-led foreign troops as it has demonstrated throughout last year, Afghan National Security Council spokesperson Rahmatullah Andar told Sputnik.
NATO plans to start withdrawing troops fr(ANI/Sputnik)om Afghanistan on May 1 and finish within several months, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier in April. US President Joe Biden has vowed to withdraw US troops by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
"Since last year, Afghan security and defense forces have been conducting 96 percent of operations on their own self. Afghan troops have no problem fighting with the Taliban," Andar said, noting, however, that Afghanistan would continue receiving assistance from abroad after the pullout of foreign troops.

The official described the Afghan forces as being in "active defensive potion" and stated that the fighting was particularly intense in areas where the Taliban have access to the illicit economy and drug trade. Andar also accused the Taliban of having members of al-Qaeda (banned in Russia) and other terrorist groups in their ranks.
The United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement last February. Among other things, the deal stipulated the withdrawal of foreign armed forces from Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban abating violence and guaranteeing that the country will not turn into a safe haven for terrorists.
As the foreign forces are preparing to leave, violent clashes between the radical movement and the government troops continue to ravage Afghanistan despite their ongoing peace talks in Qatar. (ANI/Sputnik)