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Nepal worships "Cow" and "Goddess Laxmi" on third day of Tihar

ANI | Updated: Oct 19, 2017 14:01 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], Oct.19 (ANI): The cow is regarded as the mother in Hindu mythology and is being worshipped in Nepal on the third day of the Yamapanchak or the Tihar.

Nepalis are worshipping the cow and the Hindu Goddess of Wealth Laxmi on this day.

This morning, people in Nepal were searching for cows in and around localities and worshipped them with flower, garlands, vermillion powder and other food items.

Today onwards, people light up earthen lamps and candles in their homes for three days in the evening and perform prayers in honour of the Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi will shower blessings on houses that glow with lights through the night.

Laxmi Pooja and the worshipping of the cow is performed on the same day because the Goddess Laxmi came out bearing a lotus along with a divine cow when the gods and demons churned the ocean of milk (Ksheera Sagara) which is stated in the Vishnu Purana.

Chanda Dhakal, a resident of Kathmandu, told ANI, "As per Hindu tradition, the cow is regarded as Goddess Laxmi. As per it, we worship the cow on the third day of Yamapanchak. We have the tradition of worshiping the cow in the morning and then prepare to welcome Goddess Laxmi in the evening."

As per tradition, Nepalis do not leave any nook or corner of the house dark and light lamps, candles and lights appealing to Goddess Laxmi so that she showers blessings on them.

Prayers are performed by the ladies of the family in presence of all other members. They recite the "Sri Sukta" hymn after offering coconuts in the belief that it is the item that appeases Goddess Laxmi.

On the occasion of Laxmi Pooja, girls come in groups to play "Bhailo", an act of door-to-door singing and dancing in exchange for money, fruits and other offerings from house owners. (ANI)