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A Sikh, Harish Singh narrating the incident of threat by local Muslims in Jacobabad, Sindh. (Photo Credit - Twitter)
A Sikh, Harish Singh narrating the incident of threat by local Muslims in Jacobabad, Sindh. (Photo Credit - Twitter)

Local Muslims in Jacobabad threatens to kill a Sikh and his daughter

ANI | Updated: Jan 31, 2023 14:44 IST

Sindh [Pakistan], January 31 (ANI): A Sikh who went to pick up his daughter from school on Monday in Jacobabad, Sindh was threatened by local Muslims, who abused them and said that they will kill them.
Narain Das Bheel, Founder and Chief Organiser of the Hindu Organization of Sindh tweeted a video where the Sikh could be heard narrating the incidents of atrocities they are facing in Pakistan.
Harish Singh said that when he was picking up his daughters from school, he was threatened to be killed by the local Muslims.
He said that the attackers also threatened to kill his daughters. Singh added that his daughters were afraid and refused to go to school. Singh further urged locals to save him from the atrocities.
"I am pleading with the locals of Jacobabad with folded hands that on January 26 when I was coming back after picking up my daughters, there was a lot of crowd on the road. Bike-borne Muslims abused and threatened to kill me and my daughters. They hit my scooter. I suffered an injury in my leg. My daughters are worried. They are refusing to go to school." He added that the Sikh community living in the area gave respect and votes to the Muslim leaders. He appealed to them and the local community to support him and save his family. Singh further added, "One fish should not be allowed to spoil the pond," he said.
Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Tuesday urged the Ministry of External Affairs to look into the matter and called to raise the voice for the safety and justice of minorities in Pakistan.

"Radicals of Jacobabad issuing open threats to Sikhs but Pak Govt stays silent. A resident of Harish Singh Gurdwara says that Muslims are threatening to kill him. Only Govt of India can raise the voice for safety and justice of minorities in Pak @MEAIndia," tweeted Sirsa.
Pakistan's minority communities, including Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Ahmadis, continue to live under clouds of fear and persecution by the majority community, according to Pakistan vernacular media.
Abduction, forcible conversion to Islam and marriage of Hindu girls, mostly minors to Muslims, continue unabated in various areas of Pakistan, particularly in Sindh without invoking any concern and attention of the administration, human rights organisations, mainstream media and social media platforms in Pakistan.
A member of rights groups expressed alarm and a strong sense of outrage at the continued exodus of religious minority communities in the country and said that the state has consistently failed to allay the concerns of these communities despite repeated reminders by civil society.
They have condemned the persecution of religious minorities in Sindh and Balochistan, saying this is a reflection of the state's failure to save these citizens from violence and discrimination.
Sikh minorities in Pakistan have regularly become a target of rampant violence stemming from personal enmity to professional or economic rivalry.
Religious minorities remain a soft target of non-state actors and religiously inspired extremists in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the dogged persistence of state policies has failed to reboot the judicial system and rule of law. Pakistan on several occasions has promised to safeguard the interests of minority communities in the nation. However, rampant attacks on minorities narrate a different story. (ANI)