Ise eggs
Ise eggs

Japan's Ise Foods expanding egg business in Asian market

ANI | Updated: Dec 29, 2019 14:53 IST

Bangkok, [Thailand], Dec 29 (ANI): Ise Foods, Japan's largest egg company, has brought its most famous raw eggs, 'Mori no Tamago,' to Thailand.
In Japanese food culture, people eat raw egg. Ise foods have the technology to keep the egg fresh and tasty.
'Mori no Tamago' is now available in Thailand also, especially among the Japanese living in capital Bangkok.
Various kinds of Japanese food are sold in this store at Don Quijote, a supermarket which also sells Mori no Tamago.
Thai people don't have the habit of eating raw eggs, but the shop recommends everyone to eat this raw. 'Ise Foods' brought egg freshness-keeping technology to Thailand to produce fresh eggs.
"I am happy to be able to eat a rice bowl with raw egg. I can also eat fried or half-raw eggs," said a visitor.
In Bangkok, Japanese restaurants are increasing due to the Japanese food boom. "Teppen" is quite popular among business class people.
"Rice bowl 'donburi' with raw egg is very popular among Thai people. Because of the spread of good reputation, donburi is the main dish on the menu. Also, when we using 'Mori no Tamago' for other dishes, the taste became so good and that brought customers to increase, and now we use 'Mori no Tamago' for 30 percent of the dishes on the menu," CEO, Teppen Thailand's Takao Yanagimoto.
"YOU and I" is Japanese-style hot pot restaurant with buffet style. Eggs on the shelves are "Mori no Tamago". Thai people call it "Mori Tama". (ANI)