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Idemitsu, through its endeavors, hopes to move forward in the direction of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
Idemitsu, through its endeavors, hopes to move forward in the direction of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

Japanese firm Idemitsu Kosan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

ANI | Updated: Aug 06, 2022 12:25 IST

Tokyo [Japan], August 6 (ANI): Idemitsu Kosan is an oil refining and oil chemical company in Japan. With the world's most urgent mission being Carbon neutralization by 2050, Japanese firms like Idemitsu is trying to change their industrial constitution for becoming carbon neutral.
Tetsuji Mishina an official from Idemitsu Kosan said that Tokuyama Complex was created in 1957 as the first oil refinery in Idemitsu. "Seven years later, we built a chemical plant adjacent to each other, and although we stopped the oil refining business in 2014, we are still contributing to supply raw materials to the petrochemical complex."
"We are working to reduce CO2 to zero for use in our operations toward to 2050. The raw material for biomass power generation is wood biochips," Tetsuji Mishina also said.
Plants emit CO2 when they burn, but when plants grow, they absorb it by photosynthesis. It has the characteristic that it does not affect the amount of emissions in term of growth to burning.

"We are making thermal power generation using woody biomass as fuel, and we are trying to make electricity without discharging heat," the official said.
Ammonia fuel has high expectations as a next-generation fuel that does not emit CO2.
"We are currently trying to establish supply chain transportation, bring it to Japan, store and burn it, and also supply it to customers," Tetsuji Mishina said further.
Speaking further, the official said: 'EV next-generation EV vehicle does not emit CO2, I hope that if this new four-seaters car is developed, we will be able to use it not only to move inside the factory but also to appeal to citizens as an eco-friendly mobility user. Since its inception, Tokuyama Complex has fulfilled its social mission to make a stable supply of energy and chemical material which is necessary for the local community."
"In order to build a sustainable society in the future, we will transform ourselves to the supplier of carbon-neutral energy. Through this activity, I believe that we can establish social existence," the official added. (ANI)