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Japanese craftsmen preserve 'Katana', an indigenous traditional sword

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2021 13:58 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 21 (ANI): Japanese sword called 'Katana' is a traditional sword with an elaborate blade. An ornament or detail, most of its parts are handmade.
This sword was the weapon that was used in war by Samurai years ago. The craftsmen have been making Katana for the last 22 years after getting trained by a sword craft master.
The blade of the sword extends to the stage and the hot iron is hammered. It takes almost three months to make one of these swords.

"The Japanese sword is made with technique found only in Japan. It is a weapon but also considered a work of art and this is very rare in the world. The product is made with very expensive iron collected in Japan. Some swords even become national treasure class when evaluated as an art product. In the world there is no product as a weapon that can be got at this price," said Norihiro Miyairi, Japanese sword craftsman.
"A shop in Tokyo sells Japanese swords. These craftsmen have permission from the government to make traditional Japanese swords," added Norihiro.
"Most customers now are only Japanese because of COVID-19 influence. But before it spreads many foreign visitors came to buy Japanese swords. The popularity of Japanese sword has spread to young people because Japanese sword is one of the themes of the game "Touken Ranbu" and animation movie "Demon Slayer" it is very popular among young people," said Tadashi Shouno, a sword shop owner.
"The Japanese sword is made by highly skilled craftsmen, which is being reflected through its high artistic value. The spirit of traditional Japanese manufacturing is admired by the world," added Tadashi. (ANI)