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Japan prepares for Tokyo Olympics amid Covid-19

ANI | Updated: May 14, 2021 11:49 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 14 (ANI): Despite the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, preparations for Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics are in full swing in Japan.
The torch relay launched on March 25 from J-village football training center in Fukushima prefecture is continuing around Japan. This preparation is being progressed decisively because Tokyo Olympics is the symbol of overcoming the Corona crisis.
In March 2020, the Olympics torch arrived at Fukushima from Athens. After the decision of postpone of Tokyo Olympics torch relay was suspended.
Fukushima, which suffered a massive earthquake in 2011, has the importance to launch torch relay because it is a symbol of getting light over a big disaster.

The torch relay is going around Japan to prevent Corona infection. The audiences to support the Olympic torch relay are limited due to pandemic.
People are watching it on TV or internet communication and are supporting the Olympics event. The runners are very cheerful and cooperative.
"The participants to Olympics and Japanese people who will be welcoming foreigners, both must be remained safe from Coronavirus infection. It aims to make athletes perform their best during the Olympics. To keep the safety of this big event the acceptance of foreign audience is abandoned," Ms. Seiko Hashimoto, Chairman of the Olympic Organising Committee.
"The success of the Tokyo Olympics is guaranteed by overcoming Corona infection. To realise it, we shall make efforts. Already, we have decided to hold marathon game in Sapporo Hokkaido. The region has cool climatic conditions during summer. As the torch relay is going around Japan, we have been witnessing a good response. Energetic athletes, contributors and people's positive response has encouraged me and the Japanese people," said Ms. Yuriko Koike, Chairman, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Japan is making big efforts to hold safe Olympics and Paralympics amid the Covid-19 pandemic. (ANI)