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Japan MRI facility.
Japan MRI facility.

Idemitsu Kosan provides brain MRI facility at gas stations in Japan

ANI | Updated: Nov 20, 2021 16:17 IST

Shizuoka [Japan], November 20 (ANI): Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan has come up with a new business model where it is utilizing the existing 6,300 gas stations in Japan. It is called "Smart Yorozuya" which means one-stop-shop and service.
At the gas station of Shizuoka Prefecture, a facility of brain MRI service is being provided. The purpose of this service at the station is a preventive medical emergency which will contribute to keeping good health of the people.
The brain MRI is conducted by a surgeon using a remote medical treatment system.

Applicants can get the report in a week online. If any abnormality is detected, it is to be treated at a regional medical clinic.
"It's wonderful to have this kind of service in my area. I want these services to be expanded. Not only for health check-ups, but the gas station also offers freshly cooked meals to its customers. The food truck here provides a delicious one-plate meal," said a visitor.
"It will be one of the new lifetime values for residents and one of the options to enrich their lives, so I think it is a very meaningful and interesting project. Idemitsu Kosan's new business project is a reflection of a social trend," said Takaaki Nishimura, Gas station owner.
"The reason why we put forward the 'Smart Yorozuya Initiative' is that as society moves toward carbon neutrality and traditional gas stations have been closely connected to local residents for supplying fuel. From now on, I thought about the 'Smart Yorozuya Initiative' with the aim of becoming a base for fuel supply and to solve local problems so that local citizens get a more convenient and prosperous life. Based on the effectiveness of our network, we provide the service reflecting customer needs, whenever, wherever. It is the reason for the name 'Smart'," said Yukio Saegusa, an official of Idemitsu Kosan.
"Knowing that service in a different business type from conventional gas stations is actually developing in this way and improving their utilization performance, I felt that the range of service that can be realized in the future has widened. I hope we can change the image of the gas station that our customers have. Gas stations are within the reach of local residents and Idemitsu Kosan recognized this fact and used it to develop their new business model," said Aiko Shibasaki, Idemitsu Kosan. (ANI)