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Farah Shaheen
Farah Shaheen

Human rights group condemns abduction of Farah Shaheen, a Christian minor girl in Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Nov 13, 2020 14:36 IST

Faisalabad [Pakistan], November 13 (ANI): Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) has condemned the abduction of another minor Christian girl by a middle-aged Muslim man in Faisalabad city of Punjab province in Pakistan.
Farah Shaheen, a 12-year-old girl, was allegedly abducted by 45-year-old Khizar Ahmad Ali, who forcibly converted her to Islam and married her.
The incident took place on June 25 in Ahmedabad, Faisalabad but a First Information Report (FIR) was registered at local police station on September 19, 2020, purposely delayed by the police, said HRFP release.
Afzaal Masih (Vishal), brother of Farah Shaheen stated to HRFP as mentioned in the FIR also that Muhammad Zahid, an owner of tent service business on ground floor of Asif Masih's residence came with Khizar Ahmad Ali and kidnapped her.
On her crying, Farah's brother Afzaal and her uncle Kashif rushed there but the kidnappers dragged her to the vehicle and fled.

"HRFP fact findings team visited the house of the victim, met with the family and ensured the lawful and other possible support throughout the case until the culprits were brought to justice and Farah Shaheen returned back to home. Asif Masih shared that they are under threats from culprits to step back but they are committed to follow-up," said a statement by HRFP.
Naveed Walter, president of HRPF said that the abductions of minor Christian and Hindu girls became a daily routine now. "The registered cases only come to public but the mostly cases do not become registered by police assuming the issues of willingness as Asif Masih faced abusive and derogatory remarks by police in a process of registering FIR and similar happens with parents of other such cases," he said.
Naveed Walter said that the most recent series of same form's incidents with minor minority girls is a question mark to the government and to the concerned institutions that if they are failed really to protect the innocent minor girls.
"Even after starting the legal proceedings in several cases why do the courts not accept minor minority girl's ages registered in National Database and Registration Authority's B-Forms? Why did the courts enquire further evidence through medical examinations for measuring their ages even after verifying from government data? The same have been experienced in many cases including the most recent case of Arzoo Raja," he added.
Naveed Walter said that the Sindh province having Child Marriage Restraint Act but Punjab does not have it yet which is required to start lobbying and advocacy efforts for introducing the same act in Punjab and other provinces also.
He said the Act then needs efforts to be implemented as like Sindh even have an Act but in Arzoo Raja case and in many other cases the courts are not considering nor the government has implemented successfully until the date. (ANI)