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Service members of the Ukrainian armed forces walk at combat positions. (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Service members of the Ukrainian armed forces walk at combat positions. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Huge Ukrainian military build-up visible on line of contact in Donbas, says Kremlin

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2022 19:06 IST

Moscow [Russia], January 24 (ANI): Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday said that a huge build-up of Ukrainian forces on the Donbas line of contact indicates Kiev is preparing for an attack.
Peskov also pointed out that information hysteria in the West, not Russia, should be blamed for the increased tensions around Ukraine, reported Sputnik.
"Indeed, the Ukrainian authorities are concentrating a huge amount of forces and equipment on the border with the self-proclaimed republics on the line of contact. Indeed, the nature of this concentration points to preparations for offensive operations, and, indeed, there is such a threat now", said Peskov.
He said that in this case, Moscow would like to see NATO countries urge Kiev not to even think about the possibility of a military settlement in Ukraine.
According to Peskov, the delivery of each unit of weapons to Ukraine inspires Kiev to start military operations in Donbas, reported Sputnik.

"The threat of provocations from Kiev in Donbas is now very high, even higher than before", the Kremlin spokesman noted.
Meanwhile, Peskov commenting on drills in the Baltic Sea said that Russian troops cannot ignore the increased NATO activity near borders of the country, reported Sputnik.
NATO has announced that it is increasing its presence in Eastern Europe over the situation in Ukraine.
Russia's Baltic Fleet later said that two corvettes went on a long voyage, which will take place as part of mass exercises led by the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, reported Sputnik.
"First of all, you should ask the Defense Ministry about this. Secondly, such actions by NATO and the increased activity of NATO near our borders cannot be ignored by our military, who are responsible for the security of our country. And thirdly, there is still a constant process of exercises, maneuvers, military construction, which has never stopped and will continue to continue," said Peskov. (ANI)