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Speakers of Awami League interacting during a webinar session on 'Encountering Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh under the leadership of the premier Sheikh Hasina'. (Photo/ANI)
Speakers of Awami League interacting during a webinar session on 'Encountering Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh under the leadership of the premier Sheikh Hasina'. (Photo/ANI)

'Despite COVID-19 Bangladesh's economy kept growing under leadership of Sheikh Hasina'

ANI | Updated: Oct 14, 2020 11:06 IST

Dhaka [Bangladesh], October 14 (ANI): While the invisible enemy -- coronavirus -- has slowed down the global economy, Bangladesh kept its growth rolling and accelerating owing to the timely plans spelt out by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, speakers of the Awami League said during a webinar.
In addition to the economic growth, the country stepped up its efforts on the health ground to tame the coronavirus, while in many countries the death toll is still on the rise. The apprehension that a densely populated country like Bangladesh would be a fertile ground for the spread of the highly infectious virus went nowhere, as the Prime Minister had set the stepping stones of plans and activities to emerge out of this crisis, revealed by the webinar participants.
Shah Ali Farhad, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, conducted the webinar titled 'Encountering Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh under the leadership of the premier Sheikh Hasina'.
"Bangladesh has, to this date, demonstrated an incredible instance of success in dealing with the coronavirus. While different countries are still counting the accelerating death toll, Bangladesh has navigated itself from the corona storm towards a fairly safe ground. While many countries have their economy rolling downward, Bangladesh's economy, like before, is going forward. All these are because of the timely decisions of the PM," said Education Minister Dipu Moni.
She further said, "Nearly 1 crore families received reliefs doled out by Bangladesh Awami League and its associate organisations under the guidance of Sheikh Hasina. The PM harnessed the state machine to fight coronavirus and also engaged her party Bangladesh Awami League to work towards it. We lost many central leaders and grassroots-level leaders and activists who were out to serve the people in this storm."
Health Minister Zahid Malik said, "Under the direction of the Prime Minister, 2,000 doctors and 5,000 nurses were appointed within 15 days, a feat that usually takes us more than a year. When you have a prudent leader at the helm, you can deal with any disaster coming over. We are equally equipped with the possible second wave of coronavirus.

"We sent letters to the district committee to make people aware and took all steps that could be taken," Malik added.
Minister for the Ministry of Public Administration Farhad Hossain said, "Our administration was active on the field to keep people at home since the beginning of the lockdown. Upon careful study of what is happening across the world, Hasina directed, through video conferences, what should be done. Our administration officials came forward to raising awareness among people in districts and Upazilas. They helped in burials of dead bodies to carrying out relief activities, which were also complemented by our party activists."
"Even when the coronavirus spell was accompanied by a natural storm, food and financial assistance were reached out to people for 66 days in participation with public administration and local leaders. It is due to the farsightedness of the prime minister and the participation of everyone, we could ensure the issues of skill and adeptness," Hossain said.
"Even the Upazila health complexes have also been equipped to treat coronavirus infected patients. On March 22, the Prime Minister directed distributing food among poor, helpless, and jobless people. Then we made a database of 1.25 lakh people and reached out to them with food," said Enamur Rahman, State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief.
He further said, "2,11,017 metric tons of rice and 95,83,72,000 Taka have been disbursed by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief. We also allocated 27.14 lakh Taka for children's food," he added.
Awami League's finance and planning secretary Waseqa Ayesha Khan said, "Almost every day Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, through video conference, inquired about the activities regarding Coronavirus going on in different parts of the country. It is under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the present government, Awami League and its associate organisations reached out to every house with food."
"Never did we hear any news that someone died of hunger under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, a daughter of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Her knowledge, wisdom, and vision helped us fight the coronavirus. Even during this pandemic, Bangladesh earned 1,66,616 crore Taka in last months, an amount outperforming the previous year by 26 per cent," Khan added. (ANI)