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Delay in CPEC progress irks Chinese companies

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2021 16:55 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan] September 17 (ANI): A panel of Pakistan senate on Thursday informed that Chinese companies are expressing irksome over the slow pace of progress on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
The remarks came from Saleem Mandviwallathe who is the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning and Development. He also informed that no progress on the portfolio is visible in the last three years, Dawn reported.
"They [Chinese] are crying. The Chinese ambassador has complained to me that you have destroyed CPEC and no work was done in the past three years," Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Planning and Development Saleem Mandviwalla informed.

The developments came as a number of projects under the CPEC, including those in the power sector, are facing delays for various reasons including terrorism and the ongoing pandemic situation in Pakistan.
Despite inflaming billions of dollars in the project, the Pakistan authorities have failed miserably to showcase the valid progress and to maintain the impetus that delivered a series of power plants and other infrastructure projects in the first phase of the CPEC implementation, reported Dawn.
Moreover, the hype created by the Pakistan government through projecting the CPEC as a panacea for all problems is rapidly losing steam. Also, China had stalled many projects due to disputes over debts.
The local populace in Pakistan also has been contesting such Chinese-led investment-oriented development strategies. Concerns about debt traps, lack of transparency, aggressive diplomacy, and friction due to excessive use of Chinese labour have often resulted in discord at the local level. (ANI)