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Defence Expert Dhruv Katoch
Defence Expert Dhruv Katoch

Defence expert reacts over Zawahri video on hijab row, terms it hypocritical

ANI | Updated: Apr 06, 2022 16:21 IST

New Delhi [India], April 6 (ANI): Reacting over the posted video on Hijab row by the leader of al- Queda, Ayman al Zawahiri, defence expert Dhruv Katoch on Wednesday said that for Zawahiri to wade into the Hijab row is the most hypocritical thing as the way, al-Qaeda suppressed and mistreats their women is just ironical to his statement given in the video.
Speaking to ANI, Defence Expert said, "For Zawahri to wade into the Hijab row, I think is the most hypocritical thing that this particular person has done. Now, the way they have suppressed their women is unimaginable and they support suppressions and mistreatment of their women, quoting the Quran."
He further said that to praise the woman, who shouted the religious slogan at Hindu students in Karnataka's Udupi after the Karnataka High Court released their decision on the Hijab row, is a hypocrite and added, "but there is something else which I think needs to be told as far as the hijab row is concerned."
Katoch said, "now once you make it into a religious issue, Muslim women will be pressurized into wearing the hijab. That means you are depriving Muslim women of the fundamental right to choose by imposing this pressure on them."
Referring to the example of Afghanistan, he stated that Muslim male always refuses to speak for Muslim women and that has been India's tragedy.

"I think the bigger danger is the Muslim male who refuses to speak for the Muslim woman and that has been India's tragedy. The Muslim male always kept quiet. That is the tragedy of Afghanistan where the Muslim male kept quiet and the Taliban took over. Here the educated Muslim male, which constitutes 95 per cent of the Muslim population, should come forward for their women" Katoch added.
Defence Expert called the Muslim male's silence, a sign of cowardice and urged them to speak on these issues and especially for their women. "Zawahiri deserves condemnation. And I hope every right-thinking Indian Muslim male does so," he added.
Katoch talked about Muskan and said that she knew she was not in danger and this is the reason that she stood still there. He said, "Muskan, knew she was never in danger. That was why she didn't run away. That's the difference."
He questioned, "Now reverse the situation. Let there be a Hindu girl and let there be Muslims around her. What will they do? I think that is the difference and once we understand that difference we will know what exactly is the problem in Muslim society and where to have the mullahs in the Muslim society."
Katoch said that this is why Muslim women lose their basic rights and this is tragic for India and for the Muslim groups within India. (ANI)