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Photo Credits; Newsis

Dalgona becomes popular with 'Squid Game' sensation, Halloween costumes are also selling like hot cakes

ANI | Updated: Oct 12, 2021 13:56 IST

Seoul [South Korea], October 12 (ANI/Global Economic): The distribution industry is enjoying an unexpected peak due to the popularity of Netflix original series 'squid-game">Squid Game.' Sales of game items such as dalgona candy, slap-match, and beads significantly jumped, and sales of snacks and ramen products that contain squid also increased. Ahead of Halloween, masks and costumes of 'squid-game">Squid Game' are also gaining popularity.
According to the online marketplace G market, sales of dalgona kits, which appeared in the survival game of squid-game">Squid Game, increased 610 per cent compared to the previous month, from 17th of last month, when the squid-game">Squid Game was released, to the 6th of this month. Sales of slap-match and tracksuits increased 95 per cent and 89 per cent respectively, and beads also increased 11per cent.
During the same period, sales of dalgona kits surged 717 per cent in Auction, and slap-match and beads increased 490 per cent and 360 per cent respectively.

Ahead of Halloween, sales of costumes and event wear with squid-game">Squid Game keywords increased 36 per cent and 150 per cent in G market and Auction, respectively. In particular, party masks with ^#* symbols increased 650 per cent and 121 per cent.
As kids' games gain attention, old school snacks which were eaten at the stationery store have also emerged.
According to the convenient store chain CU, sales of jjon-deu-gi and Danjjak candy increased by 51.2 per cent and 33.0 per cent respectively. Apolo (30.6 per cent), Kkoedolyi (25.8 per cent), and Batdoorung (24.2 per cent) snacks also sold more than usual. Although they did not appear in the squid-game">Squid Game, sales of Squid / Peanut Snack (24.1 per cent) and squid-house-snack">Squid House Snack (26.9 per cent) rose.
Increased sales of ramen and snacks containing squid are notable. Even though they did not appear in the squid-game">Squid Game, according to the, sales of ramen and snack products containing squid increased by 24 per cent and 62 per cent year-on-year, respectively. (ANI/Global Economic)