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The cabling requires less manpower and is convenient to fix.
The cabling requires less manpower and is convenient to fix.

Construction companies in Japan use aluminium conductor CV cables

ANI | Updated: Apr 10, 2021 12:01 IST

Tokyo [Japan], April 10 (ANI): Japan uses the latest technology in the construction industry. The focus remains high on using quality material for power transmission in a building.
At the construction site, "Rakuraku Cable", a high-performance low-voltage aluminium conductor CV cable is being used. The cable is developed by Furukawa Electric.
Generally, copper cables are used in the buildings, but the builders now prefer to use aluminium cables, which are comparatively soft and light in weight.
The cabling requires less manpower and is convenient to fix.
"I am using aluminium cable for the first time, but it is very light and easy to work. I felt it much lighter than copper cable. In the case of copper, nearly twice the force is required," a worker said.

This is a machine which helps the cables to pass through the building. An aluminium cable can easily be installed on this machine.
"The aluminium cable is flexible and easy to twist in any shape. To fix a copper cable we require at least four people, but here we need two people to fix aluminium cable," Masaru Taniai, Godou Denki Kouji, said.
Ensuring workers' safety while handling heavy machinery at construction sites remains a priority in Japan.
"In construction, the physical burden of workers can be reduced and workability increases, leading to the prevention of any accident. After being unloaded from the carrier the aluminium cable drum transport on the premises requires human power, but there is an advantage that it is lightweight even if it seems from the turn change of the drum to the installation and the extension line. Overall, the physical burden of the worker is reduced," said Yoshiyuki Saito of KanDenko
"I am not claiming that aluminium cable is functionally superior then copper cable, but I hope that we have more option to take advantage of our characteristic and provide equipment that meets the need of our customer," said Yoshiyuki Saito.
Many Japanese construction companies prefer the latest technology.
Aluminium cable developed by Furukawa Electric contributes to ensuring the safety of construction workers across Asia. (ANI)