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China's zero COVID policy adopted to make profits from mass PCR testing, says report

ANI | Updated: Feb 12, 2022 14:38 IST

Beijing [China], February 12 (ANI): As the Chinese people continue to suffer from the current zero COVID policy, a report has emerged claiming the harsh policy measure was adopted in China is to make huge profits from mass PCR testing, mass vaccination, and vaccine research.
A purported audio clip of Huang Wansheng, a former scholar of Harvard Yenching Institute and a distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University, and a visiting professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University has surfaced online.
In this private conversation, he says half a year after the outbreak of COVID in July 2020, CPC leadership spent some USD 27,000 to buy a one-way air ticket for him to urgently recall him back to China, to lead a "Technological Epidemic Prevention Project" directed by Xi Jining himself.
Huang Wansheng said in the recording that one of the major motives of the current zero covid policy adopted by the CPC authorities is to make huge profits from mass PCR testing, mass vaccination, and vaccine research. For example, a company earned 670 billion yuan only by nucleic acid testing.

He quotes Li Ling, a professor at Peking University, that China generated a revenue of about USD 10.58 trillion in 2020 from pandemic control.
He says that many of the CCP's top officials and their business representatives are engaged in the PCR testing industry. Therefore, Chinese authorities often order mass testing for an entire district or area when only one or two cases are identified, because the testing industry makes huge profits from such high-volume sales of the test kits.
Wansheng noted that the concentration of power leads to the concentration of interests. As a result, China's medical resources are concentrated in large hospitals, which overburdens them. He believes that is one of the main reasons why China does not dare to lift its lockdown measures, as its fragile medical care system cannot handle a large number of patients.
He also said that the compulsory 3rd and 4th jab is also related to the interest groups behind it. When Huang Wansheng talked about this, someone next to him interjected: "This problem is huge. Health problems have become political problems."
China's unwavering insistence on stamping out any trace of the coronavirus with a zero-Omicron approach despite global criticism. (ANI)