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Casio introduces new musical instrument in Japan

ANI | Updated: Feb 19, 2022 12:58 IST

Tokyo [Japan], February 19 (ANI): Since 1980, Japanese company Casio has been developing innovative technologies to help musicians enhance their performances.
Now, the Casiotone CT-S1000V is featuring new Vocal Synthesis technology that has the ability to bring words to life with the help of 800 stunning tones and other musical tools.
Masaaki Enatsu, a music producer said that this keyboard is different from a normal keyboard synthesizer because it can "sing".
"This signing is very unique as before we had in Japan to use computer Vocaloid to make the artificial human voice in music, but with this keyboard, we can easily make them in English or Japanese. Also, we can transfer lyrics from smartphone or tablet to the keyboard and play it with any arrangement we like, so I think this is really not a keyboard but a new music instrument," the music producer said.

Phrase mode plays the complete lyric based on your desired timing as you hold downkey. By using legato playing, you can change the notes as the phrase plays.
Iwase Hiroshi, Casio said that this keyboard is the highest-grade developed among Casiotone keyboard brands.
"Until now keyboards were able to make different sounds like piano or guitar and other music instruments, so one person can play like a band of musicians. And there have been many developments but still, there was a sound that keyboards could not make and that sound was the human voice," Iwase Hiroshi said.
Hiroshi added: "We always felt sorry that the keyboard cannot play human voice till we learned that Nagoya Institute of Technology was researching on using human voice for music instrument so we joined their technology with CASIO technology and we made this keyboard which can play lyrics as human voice with music and this the concept of our new keyboard."
"This Innovative Vocal Synthesis allows to the user choose from multiple vocalist models, and adjust age, vibrato, portamento and other parameters. It can produce choir, robotic sound, vocoder-like textures, and more, and can even create a custom vocalist based on an audio recording," Iwase Hiroshi said. (ANI)