A tourist admiring the beauty of Bonsai trees
A tourist admiring the beauty of Bonsai trees

Bonsai, traditional Japanese dwarf tree art attracts visitors

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2020 16:49 IST

Edogawa [Japan], April 16 (ANI): This is a very unique museum in Tokyo's Edogawa district. It has hundreds of dwarf trees or known as bonsai, which is mastered by Japanese bonsai artists for 800 years.
The museum is visited by tourists from all over the world as well as local people to enjoy these mesmerizing trees.
Many students from around the world come to learn the art of bonsai by Japan's most famous bonsai teacher.
The price of these trees ranges from tens of dollars to about $1 million for a single bonsai depending on its type, age and the technique used to bend its torso and twigs.
Kunio Kobayashi, Bonsai Teacher said, "Seventeen years ago, I decided to build this museum to spread the art of bonsai in the world. This museum has more than 1,000 bonsai trees of about thirty different species. Some of which are as rare as black pine bushes and so on. About 30 kinds of trees are exhibited. Bonsai art was born in China 1,300 years ago and moved to Japan 800 years ago. Our ancestors delete wasting elements based on the sense of beauty. It made the present form".

One of the most famous bonsai trees in Japan is kept in this museum. This tree is well known for its extreme age.
A visitor said, "I'm really impressed with the bonsai. The level of detail in the bonsai and the way they are maintained is very intricate, and it shows a lot of hard work".
Visitors can come and if they wish they can receive a guided tour to understand bonsai more.
This museum also offers a unique experience to learn about bonsai and understand the basics to treat owning bonsai.
For more depth experience they also offer learning courses, which students want to join from all over the world.
Hang Yuwai, a Chinese student said, "Bonsai trees are very expensive in my country, and are only bought by the rich. I want to learn this art to spread it to others and give everyone the ability to enjoy the beauty of this art".
Japan has become the homeland of bonsai for good reason. Japanese quality and effort turned un-matured and unpopular practice into a highly respected and widely practised art form. (ANI)