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Beijing's internet watchdog warns Supreme Court of China for violations: report

ANI | Updated: Feb 20, 2022 15:00 IST

Beijing [China], February 20 (ANI): The Supreme Court of China was reportedly warned by Liaoning Cyberspace Administration of China for violations of laws and regulations, giving the idea that Beijing's internet watchdog can also rule over the country's top court.
The Chinese Cyberspace Administration takes action against the entities which it believes has done anything unfit under its cyberspace.
Last year, the CAC had slapped a fine of 1.5 million Yuan on Doubon for its acts of "unlawful release of information".
It is worth noting, Doubon was also fined nine million Yuan in the month of November 2021, according to The Hong Kong Post.
This is not the first instance of censorship by Douban. In March 2009, Douban had removed art paintings of the Renaissance on the grounds of pornography.

In the same year, when the country was mourning for the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Douban went into high alert and had banned tons of content containing keywords that may be related to the infamous incident.
In June 2021, Douban started banning the users pre-emptively before posting any content concerning the incident.
While, reports stated that The Hunan Radio, Film and Television Bureau announced has recently said that it has strengthened its review of film and television themes and removed 96 problematic movies and animated films, interviewed institutions for the violation of rules. There were also reports that the Radio Station has also shut down six "illegal" websites.
The censorship regime of China has become more and more stringent over the last few years, as it can be seen across the chains from making scripts to distribution rights of the movies, claimed China Digital Times (CDT).
According to The Hong Kong Post, in an episode released on October 27, CDT through their popular podcast, "404 FILES", meticulously analysed the prevailing censorship in China.
It analysed the reasons why more than 30 films were removed from Douban, a highly popular social media entertainment platform wherein the users rate and record information relating to movies.
According to the podcast, one of the prominent reasons for taking down films such as "Summer Palace", "The Mob Fathers" and "Ten Years" was due to prevailing political sensitivities. (ANI)