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Beijing faces criticism for human rights violations in Xinjiang

ANI | Updated: Jul 21, 2020 14:19 IST

Ottawa [Canada], July 21 (ANI): During a hearing before the House of Commons human-rights subcommittee, several experts called out China for human rights violation in Xinjiang where Beijing has locked up millions of Uyghurs.
Multiple experts called the Chinese out on systematic destruction of Uyghur identity, history, religion, culture, language; use of concentration camps, termed as re-education camps; use of prisoners to harvest organs and use of prisoners to make beauty products.
They also pointed out the forced nationalism training and indoctrination, teaching Mandarin Chinese and Han agents living with Uyghur families to indoctrinate them.
There have been allegations of Chinese Communist Party keeping its members in families whose men have been sent to prisoner camps.
China has also faced allegations of children being sent to state-run orphanages. With high-tech 24/7 surveillance, China has virtually converted the entire province into a prison.

Several Islamic countries including Pakistan and Iran have not criticised China for its actions in Xinjiang. Pakistan, in particular, has refused to do that.
Speakers, which included - Dr Adrian Zenz, Olsi Jazexhi, David Kilgour, Dr Raziya Mahmoud, Jacob Kavalio, Garnett Genius and David Sweet pointed out about the blatant abuse of human rights being carried out in Xinjiang.
They pointed out the massive drop in population growth rate in the province. The speakers noted how people are deprived of communicating from their families.
They also mentioned about the systematic oppression against Uyghurs in the CCP regime and unprecedented scales of oppression with up to 3 million people locked up where they undergo torture and brainwashing.
The CCP has turned the region into a "brutal totalitarian police state" and everything unique about Uyghurs is "systematically targeted".
There have been growing calls for action against the Chinese officials involved in human rights violations in Xinjiang. The US had recently imposed sanctions and visa restrictions against senior officials over human rights violations in Xinjiang.
What was Lebensraum for Nazi, is now China's aggressive foreign policy, said some of the speakers. Other noted how the prisoners are forced to work as labour for the companies. (ANI)