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At least 792 people reported dead, missing in China due to natural calamities this year

ANI | Updated: Oct 11, 2021 11:36 IST

Beijing [China] October 11 (ANI): At least 792 people in China have either lost their lives or have been reported missing in the first three quarters of the year due to natural disasters in the country.
In addition, a total of 94.94 million people have been affected in the country due to freezing weather, snowstorms, sandstorms, forest and grassland fires and marine disasters.
Besides, at least 1.75 million houses were damaged and about 10,583 hectares of crops were also affected. The natural disasters have caused direct economic losses of USD 44.37 billion in total, Global Times reported citing data from Chinese authorities.

In the first half at least 156 people were reported dead or missing by the Chinese authorities.
In July and August, storms had also caused severe floods in Central China's Henan and Hubei provinces. At least 21 people were reported dead as a result of flooding in central China.
The mismanagement of such calamities has attracted great criticism for Beijing.
Meanwhile, North China's Shanxi province has been facing severe floods in the last few days affecting over 1.5 million people.
The province in the last few days has witnessed average precipitation of 185.6 mm. Villagers have also complained of scant help in Shanxi, reported Radio Free Asia. (ANI)