Former Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik. (File Photo)
Former Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik. (File Photo)

After Taliban's Afghanistan takeover, voices for Sharia law to be raised in Pakistan soon, says Rehman Malik

ANI | Updated: Sep 15, 2021 21:48 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], September 15 (ANI): The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will have many far-reaching effects on its neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan.
Former Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik on Wednesday expressed that after the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, there will be an attempt to enhance the demand for Sharia laws in Pakistan, reported The Nation.
He said that infection of radicalisation from Daesh and Taliban is bound to travel, spread and infect a part of the young generation especially from Madaris and the worst effects will be on ex-FATA and Balochistan where India and the Western powers have already created pockets to destabilise Pakistan. Radicalisation is going on and it could prove highly detrimental for the country.
He said that takeover by the Afghan Taliban will certainly influence Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other extremists in Pakistan as TTP is fully operational across the Pak-Afghan border and along with Daesh, they are carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan.
He expressed that the Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban will encourage some religious factions to have a closed ideology with the Afghan Taliban and Pakistani Taliban, reported The Nation.

He said that from time to time, he had been warning about the growing extremism in Pakistan as it has roots in Jihad during the war between the then Soviet Union and Afghanistan and his apprehensions are still valid even today after a decade.
"There was 300 Madaris (jihadi groups) in the region when the war ended and had reached 23,000 when Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government came to power in Pakistan," he added.
He said that children were recruited for Rs 15,000-20,000 and were indoctrinated to act as suicide bombers. He said that extremism emerged from some of the Madaris and both Taliban's strong factions are educated from a madrassa in Akora Khattak where the students are taught a certain syllabus, reported The Nation.
He said that credit goes to Pak forces, who have been able to handle terrorists well and the frequency of suicide bombers reduced in Pakistan gradually.
He said that he had stated that organisations like TTP had splinter groups resultantly Pakistan faced one of the worst times of its history with the rise of extremism and terrorism.
He suggested the Pakistani government keep a counter-strategy to deal with the situation. (ANI)