Dil Murad Baloch, the Information and Cultural Secretary of Baloch National Movement (BNM)
Dil Murad Baloch, the Information and Cultural Secretary of Baloch National Movement (BNM)

80 operations, 81 abductions, 31 bodies found in Balochistan, says Dil Murad Baloch in July report

ANI | Updated: Aug 14, 2019 21:25 IST

Quetta [Pakistan], Aug 14 (ANI): 80 operations were conducted by the Pakistani army in the month of July, as a result of which 81 people were abducted and thirty-one dead bodies were found from the Balochistan province.
Information and Cultural Secretary of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Dil Murad Baloch published the monthly report of July which stated that there have been many claims of Baloch missing persons being released for the last few months, but if the reports are to be looked for the month of July, one can comprehend that the claim is false.
Based on the ratio of new enforced disappearances and released persons, one can easily judge whether the victims of enforced disappearances are being released or more people are being abducted.
Baloch said that just a glance on the statistics of July show how horrifically Pakistani forces have been carrying out enforced disappearances without any impedance. There were 81 cases of enforced disappearances in this month and another 30 dead bodies were recovered from different parts of Balochistan.
Six bodies were recognized to be of the victims of enforced disappearances who were later killed by the Pakistani forces, and a majority of the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition. The fact that the dead bodies were mutilated beyond recognition shows the vast brutality and unbearable tortures that the army carries out. This has been continuing for the last 2 decades.
He said that the operations were continued in every nook and corner of Balochistan, extending from Makuran to Kohistan Marri. In these 80 military operations, the Pakistani security forces looted more than 150 houses and took away more than a hundred livestock from shepherds.
45 people were released by the Pakistani agencies, among them, one was abducted in 2012, eleven were disappeared in 2017, two were abducted in 2015, one in 2016 and three in 2018 and 27 of them were enforced disappeared by the Pakistani forces during the year 2019.
Baloch said that mutilated dead bodies are routinely being found in different areas of Balochistan. Many dead bodies have been found near the forces' camps, many have been found on roadsides and many more were found from mass graves.
Ironically, dead bodies are being found daily but the state did not bother to test the DNA of a single unknown dead body. After such an injustice, any conscious person can easily measure that the dead bodies were among those missing persons who had been abducted by the Pakistani forces during different military operations. They have been tortured, killed and then thrown in desolated places.
Baloch added that some parliamentarian parties are trying to take credit for the return of missing persons, but they should have the moral courage to inform the nation about where they were kept for such long time, and under which law they were they abducted.
Unfortunately, those credit seekers have no such moral courage to tell the nation as to where they have been kept for many months or years after they disappeared. Even the recovered persons are unable to speak about the horrific and inhuman torture they have faced.
No doubt, the issue of missing persons is a human tragedy created by Pakistan in Balochistan, and every missing person should be released, not a few of them.
It is also not less painful for the Baloch nation that some people use this tragedy for their political interests. In spite of the human tragedy, this is being used politically to crush the Baloch nation and Baloch national struggle. This is unacceptable and a moment of shame for them.
All such elements will face accountability of Baloch nation.
If the purpose of this is to secure Pakistan from Baloch anger and hate, then definitely they will not be able to tell the nation where they have been kept and why they have been barbarically tortured.
Every week, someone announces that tomorrow two people will be released. Where they are getting this information from? This information proves that the Parliamentarian politicians are the counterpart of Pakistan in all this process.
Dil Murad Baloch further said that the Baloch voice has reached in every corner of the world. Recovery of a few people out of thousands is not due to the efforts by parliamentarians but is the outcome of the international recognition of the Baloch national struggle.
Baloch said that it has become very important for solving this human tragedy that the international human rights bodies must take immediate action and fulfil their basic responsibilities. (ANI)