Abha Airport (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Abha Airport (Photo Credit - Reuters)

8 injured in drone strike on Saudi Arabia's Abha airport

ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2021 15:38 IST

Riyadh [Saudi Arabia], August 31 (ANI): A bomb-laden drone on Tuesday targeted Abha airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia injuring eight persons.
This is the second such strike on Abha Airport over the past 24 hours. The earlier attack caused no casualties. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the incident, reported Sputnik.
Saudi state TV reported that a civilian plane too was damaged in the drone strike.

Houthi military officials have repeatedly claimed responsibility for drone attacks on facilities belonging to Saudi Arabia, reported Sputnik.
Over the past several months, Saudi territory has been the target of multiple attacks by Houthi rebels from neighbouring Yemen, where an internal conflict between government forces and rebels continues to rage on.
Riyadh has been supporting the Yemeni government since 2015, conducting air, land, and sea operations against the Houthis, who, in turn, often strike back with retaliatory attacks.
Meanwhile, A missile and drone attack hit the Al-Anad airbase in Lahj province on Sunday killing at least 30 troops, in one of the deadliest attacks in Yemen's civil war in recent years.
Saudi Arabia strongly condemned and denounced an attack launched by the Houthi militia on a key military base in Yemen's south, which killed and injured dozens of people, reported Arab News. (ANI)