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Hardware specs revealed for Intel's upcoming A750, A770 GPU

ANI | Updated: Sep 11, 2022 05:42 IST

Washington [US], September 11 (ANI): American multinational corporation technology company Intel has announced additional details about its upcoming Arc-series discrete graphics cards for desktop computers.
According to GSM Arena, these will include the A750 and A770 models, which the company has been teasing for several months. Both models, have 28 and 32 Xe-cores, respectively, and are part of the Arc 7 series of graphics cards, which is currently the flagship series that sits above Arc 5 and Arc 3.
As a reminder, a Xe-core can be seen as Intel's equivalent of AMD's compute unit and consists of 16 256-bit XVE vector engines for rasterization tasks, 16 1024-bit XMX matrix engines for machine learning tasks, and 192MB of shared L1/SLM cache.

Similar to AMD, Intel also matches the Xe-core count with ray tracing units, with one ray tracing unit per Xe-core. The A750 has a graphics clock of 2050MHz and the A770 has 2100MHz.
As Intel has explained previously 'Graphics clock' is the average of typical clock speeds users can expect during gaming, not max clocks.
The A750 and A770 have 8GB GDDR6 memory as standard but the A770 can optionally be configured with 16GB by the board partner. Intel's own card will have 16GB of memory.
Intel plans to have its own custom cards on the market that are designed by Intel and manufactured by a third party. These will be sold as Limited Edition models and will be available globally alongside cards from board partners, as per GSM Arena. (ANI)