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Daifuku offers world-class technology for factory functions

ANI | Updated: Apr 01, 2018 15:02 IST

Shiga Prefecture [Japan], Apr 1 (ANI): Carrying things could sound like an ordinary work, but is actually a very important part of any production and distribution process in all industries.

"Daifuku" company is a leading provider of material handling systems. It develops, manufactures and provides a full range of automation and logistics solutions and services to match any needs.

Daifuku's Shiga office in the center of Japan is the company's biggest and main factory in the world. This huge facility includes an exhibition hall under the name "Hini Arata Kan".

It is a full-scale demo center where visitors can experience material handling systems and equipment firsthand.

"Daifuku has been developing "Storage and Control Systems" and "3D automatic running systems" since 1966. The Storage and Control Systems handles the commodity that is necessary to the production process, while the 3d automatic running systems transport items to a large distribution center. Compatibility with the latest models is important and we can ensure that with the high function as we have been manufacturing these machines for more than 50 years," said Koichi Takamitsu of Daifuku.

"VR Lab" is where visitors can try using VR (virtual reality) technology to see how the products are actually transported and installed.

VR provides a 360-degree view of the automatic running, unmanned transportation car, and the installation process. This "Storage and Control system" can carry things very fast. Its speed could reach about 500km/h. This is the "clean-room FA systems".

During the process of manufacturing semiconductors, there is a huge need for a clean environment. The system consists of a wireless charging device and a roller with no friction in order to prevent unnecessary things from coming out in the air due to friction from the parts of the equipment.

During the visit, the exhibition staff guide visitors with a detailed description of the products in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean.

"In recent years, the number of visitors from overseas has been increasing, and we make it possible for them to understand the process thoroughly, we received visitors from over 90 countries. We would like to focus on "Omotenashi" of Japan (the spirit of hospitality), and we hope visitors will look at the original products of Daifuku and use them," added Takamitsu.

Making the ordinary work "carrying things" more sophisticated contributes hugely to various industries around the world. (ANI)