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Nintendo confirms no increased RAM or new CPU for its OLED Switch

ANI | Updated: Jul 06, 2021 23:20 IST

Washington [US], July 6 (ANI): Japanese video game company Nintendo, today announced a new model of the Switch that has an OLED screen, but it won't bring major changes to the CPU or RAM currently used in other iterations of the console.
According to The Verge, Nintendo confirmed that "Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have a new CPU, or more RAM, from previous Nintendo Switch models."
The company didn't mention anything about improvements to those in its announcement video, on its marketing page dedicated to the new console, or in its page listing the technical specs for the device, so it's not surprising that this is the case.

Nintendo also confirmed that all Switch docks are interchangeable, meaning the non-OLED Switch can also sit in the dock included with the OLED Switch and that the OLED Switch can even slot into the older Switch dock.
As for the Bluetooth headphone support, something people really wanted from an upgraded Switch, it sounds like that's not in the cards, either.
"We have nothing to announce on this topic, but like the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) supports Bluetooth tech for the Joy-Con controllers," Nintendo informed The Verge.
Even though users will hear "enhanced audio" from the onboard speakers, Nintendo says there are no changes to the audio experience when you listen through headphones or your TV's speakers while using the OLED Switch.
As per The Verge, this new OLED Switch will be released on October 8 for USD 350. In addition to the bigger screen and enhanced audio, it also looks to have a much-improved kickstand.(ANI)