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Tech Start-ups helping businesses and people in India's Unlock 5.0 to fight against Covid-19

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2020 14:18 IST

New Delhi [India], October 16 (ANI): As India entered in Unlock 5.0 with restrictions being lifted and cinemas, theatres and multiplexes are allowed to open with up to 50 per cent seating capacity after seven months, technology would play a vital role in providing a safe environment to the people amid coronavirus pandemic.
From robots cleaning floors, to safe parking, to serving at restaurants, malls and tablets being used to check COVID compliance, technological innovations can be seen everywhere. Several indigenous start-ups have come-together to make our lives safe and secure as the country gears to go back to normalcy. In the days to come, these contactless technologies will revolutionise the way normal life for the post COVID world.
The five start-ups that have brought various innovations to keep us safe during the pandemic:
Bluesemi: This Hyderabad based startup is building the Internet of things (IoT) devices for a smart and sustainable technology revolution. During Covid-19, Bluesemi has introduced a new device called SENS - a contactless temperature-sensing device with medical-grade accuracy giving the temperature reading within 5 seconds and it will automatically detect a person in 15 cm distance. It is paired with its own app. SENS can help figure out who can work and who must stay at home.
Additionally, App will issue a risk alert if the temperature is above a certain acceptable threshold and a long-lasting efficient battery - charge will last up to 15 days at a time, with battery health notification on the sensor as well as on the app.

VAMS Global: A leading provider of Visitor Management Systems. During Covid-19 VAMS Global has come up with new device VAMS SafeGuard which scan individuals through a distance of 18" and checks permissible body temperate, check mask compliance, embedded with face and palm recognition sensor, VAMS SafeGuard offers 100 per cent hands-free hygienic user authentication.
In case of high temperature or mask complaint defaults, the device will generate a signal to prevent entry. Real-time visibility of people inside the premises can be administered. In case of any emergency, an alert notification can be generated that helps them to evacuate the premises immediately for the security or admin team.
Magneto: Magneto - UVGI Sanitization for Theatres - The clean-tech start-up recently launched Central Air Cleaner for Home ACS leverages UVGI- and ECF-powered technology to protect all kinds of ACs from transmitting COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, can float in the air. In particular, it can linger in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, spreading farther than 6 feet from its source. The indoor public spaces are at high risk.
In order to combat this situation, Magneto Cleantech has launched Magneto Central Air Cleaner High Wall and Cassette Series to sanitize indoor air for all kinds of environments including theatres, homes, offices, restaurants, shops, clinics, salons, gyms etc. Leveraging MCAC's legendary 'Trap & Kill' technology, this new cutting-edge cleantech solution integrates with any make and capacity of split or cassette ACs to sanitize the indoor air by removing PM 00.01, PM 2.5, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne microorganisms including SARS-COV-2. This innovative technology brings the proven efficacy of Magneto Central Air Cleaner against COVID-19 to much smaller versions of air conditioners, thereby helping safeguard people's health against fatal air-borne contractions at a larger scale.
Park+ Automated smart parking in India: A smart parking start-up has introduced a tech-driven social distancing solution for malls. The newly-launched solutions are aimed at preparing malls/offices/cinema halls for reopening and ensuring maximum safety while searching for a parking spot. This app will enable the mall personnel to check-in and out of customers as well as track and check body temperatures. Customers will also have to scan a QR code before entering or leaving a shop, which will help keep a real-time check on the number of footfalls in each store.
Green Grapes Devices: Delhi-based startup has built two solutions for startups returning to office including a wall-mounted automatic infrared thermometer, automated sanitiser dispenser and sanitisation gun. The infrared thermometer is a non-contact body temperature equipment that reads the body temperature of any individual standing in front of it. On the other hand, the automated sanitiser dispenser uses a motion sensor to detect the presence of hands under the nozzle and dispenses just the right amount of sanitizer. (ANI)