Soon, Twitter may open up verification to all

ANI | Updated: Mar 09, 2018 19:39 IST

California [USA], Mar. 9 (ANI): Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday revealed that the company was working on a policy to allow any user to become verified.

In a Periscope live stream, Dorsey said that although the open verification proposal is being developed, intricate details of the process are yet to be confirmed.

"The intention is to provide open verification to everyone and to do it in a way that's scalable, where Twitter is not in the way, people can verify more facts about themselves and we don't have to be the judge or imply any bias on our part," said Dorsey as quoted by The Verge.

Dorsey further noted that the policy is being developed keeping in mind the importance of one's identity and anonymity. Twitter, he said, doesn't enforce a real name policy to ensure that the platform is a safe space for someone to speak their mind without sharing identifiable information that inflicts any threat upon their lives.

Furthermore, the Twitter chief stated that his team is working on improving detection of parody accounts in order to prevent the spread of fake news.

Initially, Twitter had first added the blue checkmark to indicate verified profiles, which was conventionally given to celebrities. Subsequently, the company began verifying other high-profile figures, including journalists, which made the checkmark perceived as a status symbol on the platform.

In 2016, Twitter allowed anyone to request verification but asked users to justify the same. Therefore, unless they were established writers, creators, or influencers, the average user was often denied a blue tick.

However, in November last year, the micro-blogging site announced that it would soon suspend verification badges for some of its verified users, in lieu of the misconceptions hovering around its verification procedures.

Further, the makers stated that a new verification procedure was being laid down in order to curb the hue and cry around the same. (ANI)