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SharePlay is live again in iOS 15.1 beta

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2021 14:53 IST

Washington [US], September 26 (ANI): SharePlay, Apple's Face Time feature, is live on iOS 15.1 beta version despite the company announcing its arrival on the version later this fall.
SharePlay is Apple's way of making FaceTime fun, allowing users to listen to music or watch TV together with their friends.
The feature was supposed to arrive with iOS 15, but Apple delayed the launch to "later this fall," as it did with several other features, including Find My support for AirPods Pro and Max.

However, as per Mashable India, the latest iOS beta is here, and it comes with SharePlay, indicating that the feature should be enabled fairly soon.
Reportedly, Apple pulled SharePlay from iOS 15 in order to work on some bugs, but it has made a reappearance in all relevant betas -- iOS 15.1 beta, iPadOS 15.1 beta, and tvOS 15.1 beta.
In an update dated August 17, the company still claims the feature is coming "later this fall."
It is still unclear when exactly, the iOS 15.1 beta will roll out as a final product to the users, and some features might get removed by then. In fact, SharePlay was live in iOS 15 beta 2, only to be removed in iOS 15's final release, but the fact that the feature is live there could mean that it would be widely available to users soon.
Mashable India has also listed a couple of other new features that came with Apple's new betas. These include Covid-19 vaccination records in Apple's Wallet, as well as lossless audio support for HomePod and HomePod mini, which came with HomePod 15.1 beta. (ANI)