Google facilitates detailed clearing of queries on Search

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2018 18:53 IST

California [USA], Mar. 3 (ANI): In a move to introduce a comprehensive and nuanced resolution of queries, Google is facilitating an expansion of its multifaceted featured snippets on Search.

The American tech MNC, in a blog post, stated that the expansion aims at covering a broader set of nuanced queries beyond just "multi-intent" queries.

"There are several types of nuanced queries where showing more comprehensive results could be helpful. The query "tooth pain after a filling," for example, could be interpreted as "why does my tooth still hurt after a filling?" or "how long should a tooth hurt after a filling?" For such cases, we're starting first with "multi-intent" queries, which are queries that have several potential intentions or purposes associated," said Emily Moxley, Product Management Director at Search.

With the new feature in place, Google aims to ensure additional help to its users, along with extensive testing to determine whether a change has a positive effect on search quality.

"We also take into account feedback. If you see a result that you have feedback on, we encourage you to submit your thoughts through the feedback link on the search results page," Emily added.

Among other updates on Google Search, the company last week announced the removal of the 'View Image' option for images on its search engine, thus making it difficult for users to download an image for personal use, and improving attribution of the contributors' work. (ANI)